"We've come to this world for a short time and during this time we should do what is expected of us as human beings." Baba Shibananda
Sadhu Indu


The business, not only should it be exclusively of an economic scope, but should also have a social field commitment. It's formed by and for people, made so that it places as a key factor the generation of great social advances through it's actions.

The business by means of socially responsible acts, contributes to the sustainable economic development of society in general and above all with those communities in which the minimum necessary conditions to improve the quality of life don't exist.

The collaboration of your business with Shanga India is a way to exercise Social Responsibility, a purpose of mutual collaboration that benefits all parties: the business, the organization and the beneficiaries.

Participation in socially responsible projects also means benefits for the business which could be:

  • Growth in the loyalty of the brand, internal motivation and commitment of the employees. Strengthening of communication and credibility. Promotion of social consciousness.
  • Differentiating factor with respect to the competition. Advancement of the public image and recognition of the business.
  • Fiscal Reductions (35% for businesses)
  • Growth in clients faithfulness.

One need not forget that for the organization, it also supposes great advantages, since it favors the continuity of projects and it opens the possibility of expanding them and defining other new ones.

If you would like your business to participate in our projects, get in contact with us using the following contact form.

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