"We've come to this world for a short time and during this time we should do what is expected of us as human beings." Baba Shibananda
Sadhu Indu

Other ways to help

We offer you diverse ways to collaborate so that you can select what best suits the needs of your company. Furthermore you can choose the project to which you want to direct your contribution.

Wedding list

Include ShangaIndia in your wedding list. Assign the amount you choose for the financing of our project in India. Encourage your friends to participate in a cause of solidarity.

Round off the payroll

As strage as it may seem, those cents that appear in your payroll at the end of the month could be a great help in the education of a child. This small contribution multiplied by all of the workers in your business could be the means that helps us to continue forward with the project. If it seems like a good idea, talk to your co-workers about this posibility and propose it to the business' management. There is strength in numbers.

Collaborate with your Web page

If you have a Web page and you want to participate in spreading our work, you only have to fill out the following form. In a few days you will recieve Shanga India's banners with which the visitors to your web page will be able to access our's with just one click.

Collaborate with your time

We don't have a fixed profile for collaborators, but depending on the circumstances, profiles such as programmer, translator, marketing, advertising or designer will be generally well recieved (we won't rule out other profiles).

If you think your disinterested contribution could help Shanga to improve, it will be well recieved.

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