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Mayte and Joseba are working on a collaborative project with the Institute for Media Education M.Solinho to get a grant for school in India. Collaborative Project

Presentation of the documentary "A piece of heaven." The next day, September 21 will be held in the auditorium Nova Vigo Galicia Bank (20:00, entry 5 €) the presentation of the documentary by Luis García Verdú "A piece of heaven." Also on 23 was presented at the Municipal Auditorium in Cangas (20:00 h, entry 5 €).

We advance a portion of the documentary "A piece of heaven" that Luis García Verdú is making about the school. Luis works at General Foundation of the University of Alicante and has conducted several social documentaries and independent film. see video.

We can see some photos taken by our friend Joseph in a school visit last December. see photos.

According to the latest news from Neneta bought 3 pedal sewing machine, overlock machine 1 and set up a sewing workshop. Currently being taught to children of 5.6 and 7 course (by the way is going to make a dress each).
The school is almost all painted and it comes out very nice in the photos. In early February will begin the foundation of the common room and prepare a project of the shelter. see photos.

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