These are some photographs that show the fruit of Neneta's work with the school "María Soliña". They're pictures that could be from whichever school day and they reflect the happiness of these children due to the chance of a lifetime that has been presented to them of being able to go to shcool. We hope you enjoy.

Students at recess The school Kids in the Hall Dance Class The school Games Group of children Laundry The Meal Neneta and friends Playground games Sewing Workshop Chess games In class Games Umesh, Babaji and Neneta Dancing girls Sewing Workshop Children in front of the new bus School Minivan Yoga Class Study time
M ª Jesús and David in music class Antonio, Pilar, Umesh, Mª Jesús and David Antonio and the kids opening the kitchen Decorating the new kitchen for the inauguration Pilar Seitai applying a technique David and Maria Jesus planted a jasmine Luis filming a nearby village Celebrating the new kitchen

ShangaIndia, 2010      C.I.F: G36500031

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