The boys and girls of "María Soliña", an original idea

It all began by chance. Someone's appeal for medicines . That request is heard at that time by thousands of western tourists. In her eagerness to help, Neneta Herrero ends up visiting a group of villages around the region. In one of those, the children show her the state of their school, completely ruined. Neneta decides to build a new one. Sangha was born in 2004, a nonprofit organization to provide schooling for children from poor families. In June 2010 the school has three hundred and forty children.

Video A piece of skyheaven

Documentary made by Luis García Verdú about School "María Soliña" in India.

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NEW DOCUMENTARY "A piece of heaven"

We advance a portion of the documentary "A piece of heaven" that Luis García Verdú is making about the school. Luis works at General Foundation of the University of Alicante and has conducted several social documentaries and independent film.

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BABA SHIBANANDA, Hindi shadow and collaborator

Most people care for their house and car, but they don't keep their heart clean. The heart needs cleaning before the car. I find it very strange that they don't realize how soon they'll be gone, leaving everything behind .               

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Informe actividad

Now available: the activity report 2014 of expanding the school (spanish). The can find the current state of the expansion, estimated costs for each phase of the project and a copy of the memorandum of association and supporting documentation.                

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