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This project began in October 2004. The initiative was a call canguesa Neneta Herrero. Build a school in a town called Pubai (Orissa) for local children whose families are from poor backgrounds. The money for this project is possible thanks to the collaboration of many people, cash donations, works of art to auction, partners, etc

The school is called "Mary Soliña" and currently consists of two buildings. One of them has two levels, on the bottom there are 4 rooms, 1 kitchen and a great runner. In the top 4 classrooms and a corridor. In the other building are two classrooms, a staffroom large common room for various activities (games, meeting, meetings ,....). It also has ten toilets with their showers. The children receive even the 9th year of the ten that make up basic education.

Currently the school has a total of 360 students, of which 162 are asleep in school.

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