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"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you." B.B King


Shanga has an explicit commitment in the management of membership fees and donations, (some 42,000 Euros annually), which is to invest them entirely into school. Not even a single euro is used for trips nor travelling expenses. Whoever wishes to collaborate will assume the expenses out of their own pocket.

With these funds, the association pays the teaching staff and the community of 340 children attending the school. There are 26 worker salaries, adding up all together to 1300 Euros per month. It is, just as Neneta Herrero points out, a salary similar to what a public school teacher receives.

Monthly expenses for 340 children are:
Food: 1200€
Staff wages: 1300€
School materials and electricity: 200€
Children clothing: 6€ (per child/per year)

Monthly deposits:
From monthly contributions: 3000€

Other deposits:
The rest of deposits come from additional contributions and diverse activities: sale of craftwork, lottery, raffles, concerts, etc…

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