María Soliña school project

This time I am writing to tell you first hand the school project MARIA Solina that is taking place in Puri, India, where I am right momentos.Una life again just led me to meet my countrywoman, Herrero Neneta , which along with Umesh ShangaIndia founded and created this school.

Another of those causalities. Puri took several days, when to contact a friend who comes through this area, I ask for a Spanish says having a school nearby. My first option was to comment on the Guest house where I am staying, and what is my surprise when only a sleeping room beyond. Best of meeting was to hear a Galician accent nearby Vigo know that was my land and move to this beautiful place, feeling at home. Neneta is one of those people who communicate with the look, transparent and simple. I told the story of why I think the school and immediately decided that he was going to visit. Introduce me to Umesh, an Indian who greets you in Spanish, was another privilege, has a big heart and a lot of left hand with the little ones. They both want to distraction.

What I can say? If you go to the website: find its history, projects and how they work or how to help, as well as a video that is for sale and I'll show you when I get back in Vigo, because it is very well done and so understand better around here.

I can say as my personal experience. When we talk about these projects or NGOs, but listen, we do not feel or see or observe. Once you arrive and know that 360 children to school because they have food, education and smiles on their day to day mark, and see their faces, play with them and enjoy their company, laughter, generosity, friendship and love, comes and remains forever in your mind and in your heart ... and you can not forget.

I want to extend but to tell you that the school is in a prime location for children. Around there paddies and adobe houses of tribal villages, where the role of women leaves much to be desired compared to what we experienced in our country. This is easy for a girl he marries an older man to do chores and "woman" in its entirety, or to marry for convenience. That most girls have no education or given, so its future is marked in one direction. That if they are not protistuye, does ask on the street or are treated as slaves. Children also sprinkle these last things I told and stories behind them all kinds abound, but what matters now is the present.

Some of these children come from nearby villages, others from distant tribal villages, others are orphans or come from hard stories. The school has a bus that takes them to their homes if they live nearby, while the rest live in the school. Going to school guarantees the coming of day, at least one meal a day and three meals plus snacks, to those who live there. Love when you are guided by the school and when they enter their classrooms, they become their rooms at night ... and you say, "Come, I teach my house."

The education they receive here is the same as that offered by the government to 15, 16 years. Subjects have extras like dance, dance, music or fashion, that allow other options for their future. In much of India lives on tourism and tribal dances and songs are good claim.

A phrase that is Neneta'll remember ... "I want you to remember her childhood with joy, happy" and I assure you that is what you are doing.

I'd love to send you photos that reflect what I have been able to share. Their discipline and camaraderie when performing their tasks, pray and give thanks before meals or bedtime (in india are very present religion, yoga, offerings) and I have checked and I am sure that thanks to that, between other things, people are relaxed, happy and accept and live your present without worrying too much about the past or future, and I see that big difference with Europe, who cares what does not and enjoy what you have in your life and around.

Since children are responsible for their things, they help each other, as peers become their brothers, fathers, uncles ... and eat what they put. Their daily meal consists of rice, vegetables, dal (lentils), and a sort of stew with potatoes. There's no need to open refrigerators to choose.

Yes, I consider myself very fortunate and every day, because I can go to the realities that do not like and choose a better way. So I want to add my two cents to this school and make it extensible to you. My intention is to let you know this information, and if you help your hand, perfect, but what you may do to reach your people, because every bit helps.

Thank you for what I get, for your time and for being in my life.

Carolina - Decembro de 2012

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